Look Mom, I’m on Saudi TV

Ari Alexander is guest blogging (via Blackberry) from the World Conference on Dialogue in Madrid, organized by the Muslim World League under the patronage of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

I was filled with emotions. There I stood, in the hotel lobby, watching saudi television with my new friend yaseer, who was about to interview me live on Saudi television at 8:15pm in Madrid, 9:15 in Saudi.

I could never have dreamed that this would be part of my life story. I had the chance to talk about being Jewish, about Children of Abraham, and about meeting the king of saudi arabia on prime time television.

The interviewer was so warm, the words came out of me as if they had been rehearsed (though my mouth belonged to the desert from where the audience took this in). It must have been six or seven minutes.

It happened. That wasn’t a dream. That wasn’t a dress rehearsal. Though they originally told me it would be two hours ago. And then I got mic’d by the wrong cameraman from the wrong station, and the guys from this one ran to track me down…eventually it happened. It can’t be taken away.

Wow. Who would have ever thought? I’m in shock.

I’ve sat in boardrooms and bathrooms, lay in beds on several continents, wondering how to get my message out where it is most needed.

Thank you God for enabling me to reach this moment.


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