Joe Six Pack and the Jews

Unless your internet is down and you don’t have cable (a quick shout out to my brother), you know that last night was the most famous Vice-Presidential debate in history (though the Kemp-Gore debate of ’96 sure was exciting).  I personally can’t think of a time when a Vice-Presidential candidate had as much power as Sarah Palin does to swing voters.

I’m not going to sit here and disect the debate, but one line by Palin did catch my eye.  Talking about the current financial crisis, Palin exclaimed that “Joe Six Pack and Hockey moms across America need to band together and say, never again.”

Wait a second.  I’ve heard that before. Oh yeah! That’s right, its a Jewish line!  She can’t use a trademarked Holocaust phrase for political points!  That’s our job!

What’s next?  Is Sarah Palin going to tell some Israeli politician that the only flag in her office is an Israeli one?  Oh wait… 

I’m probably not as offended this morning though as Joe Lieberman who is now considered to be the 2nd most pro-Israel Senator in the United States, right after Joe Biden.  Of course, that is only according to Joe Biden.

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