I Don’t Think We’re in Great Neck Anymore.

Long Island, if you’ve never been, is known to be a bit of a Jewish hotbed. With their deep New York accents, their lavish homes, and prosperous Jewish community centers, Long Island features many of the stereotypical qualities that you see in portrayals of Jews in movie and on television.

But we Jews sometimes forget that Long Island is pretty big. In fact, it’s the biggest island in the continental United States (Thanks Final Jeopardy!).

Because of the sheer size of Long Island, and the relatively small size of the Jewish population, it should be of little surprise that there are some non-Jews who live there too. So much so, that it apparently isn’t too absurd to create a spoof video of white supremacists who live there.

Greg and Lou, some very funny sketch comedy writers, have created an infomercial for a white supremacist Bed & Breakfast called “Reich Cottage.” Because, as they explain, there are just too many B & Bs that talk about that so-called Holocaust.

Check it out. Don’t get too offended.

Watch Bed and Breakfast Deniers on CollegeHumor


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