Holocaust Handbag

I have never actually cared about purses. I will ooh and ahh over a nice pair of earrings, and I think fashion is interesting, if crazy, but I think the amount of money people spend on bizarre looking handbags is a mark of complete insanity. Still, I recognize that there are people who care a lot about this stuff, and for the most part I say have at it, as long as you don’t come crying to me about your credit card debt. However, I think we can say that we’ve passed the line of ‘there’s no accounting for taste’ when we get to the point where we’re making handbags meant to look like famous Holocaust memoirs.



A minaudière especially designed for the Purple Boutique by Olympia Le-Tan. It was entirely handmade with love in France. The felt appliqué and silk thread embroidery was inspired by the cover of the first American edition of Night, Elie Weisel’s 1950s book which talks about his experience in the concentration camps during the Second World War in Germany. The bag is lined with liberty print and mounted on a brass frame. Each piece numbered on the back.

“Handmade with love”?! Seriously?

This purse will set you back a mere $1500 which is especially expensive when you consider that it will probably cost you all your friends, too.

Seriously, can you imagine showing up to a date and finding out that the woman was carrying a bag featuring Elie Wiesel? In the immortal words of Liz Lemon, that’s a dealbreaker.

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