Blame Canada? You Know They’re Not Even a Real Country Anyway.

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You know how Canada has a reputation for being cold? I never really bought it. Living there, I just assumed that cold was normal and that it was totally tolerable.

Then I had friends visiting me this weekend from Montreal and they asked how much slush was on the ground and if they needed to bring their really warm gloves. I looked outside and saw someone in a sweatshirt. Then it hit me. Canada is cold.

But at least Canada’s friendly. Right? RIGHT?!?!?!?!

Apparently not.

I bring you Sid Ryan and the CUPE (ha, see you pee), the union for all university professors in the province of Ontario. This past week, Ryan, the head of the CUPE, and fellow members passed a resolution harshly criticizing Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Now, it has been widely reported that the motion calls for a boycott of Israeli academics. That isn’t precisely the case, but it is still pretty terrible. The motion does encourage universities to hold forums on boycotting Israel and to pressure their administrations to boycotts Israeli products.

I call on the Queen to condemn this. It’s the only way Sid Ryan will listen.

Posted on February 25, 2009

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