Best of the Week

The calm before the storm.

I always think about when “busy season” is at You would think that it would be at three points during the year: Passover, the High Holidays, and Hanukkah. But really, the busy time of year is before every single holiday, whether you pay attention to it or not. For example, for two weeks, I was eating, breathing, and sleeping Tu Bishvat, even though it was just a minor blip on the calendar.

And now we are at the calm before the storm. Purim is coming up pretty quick, and next week, we will be featuring some cool new content for the holiday. But for now, let’s look at what happened this past week.

I’ve never been on Birthright. The reason is that I don’t really qualify because I went with USY in high school. However, a good friend of mine, who was born in Israel, was allowed to go, because he hadn’t been on an organized trip to Israel. Doesn’t seem fair. But then again, according to our new article on Israelis in America, Israelis understand better than anyone that it’s a nice place to visit.

It’s easy to forget how far we’ve come in the realm of Passover cooking. I can’t be thankful enough that it has been years since my parents bought those gross cans of macaroons to “snack” on. So when I found out we were featuring an article on macaroons, I was skeptical. But I have been proven wrong.

And finally, if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special someone on Sunday, read what we have to say about the day first. If you’re not celebrating it with somebody, enjoy your candy hearts and tears.


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