Best of the Week

How was your week? Do anything fun? I watched four straight hours to television last night! That was crazy fun. It’s unfair of television to put on an hour of 30 Rock followed by two hours of Jersey Shore. It’s like that grandparent who keeps giving you candy. You know it’s bad for you, but you can’t stop eating it.

I always thought Joseph was a bit of a jerk. But I love Donny Osmond. So now I’m torn. Maybe you can decide for yourself about the guy.

We started revamping our history section, publishing a few new overviews that were previously lacking. Wanna read about Jews and non-Jews in between the wars? Who doesn’t!

I once had an up close and personal viewing of a bris. Easily one of the more terrifying things in my life. Then I got paid $100 though. So it was worth it. But if you’re a little kid, no one is giving you $100. Maybe you should talk to your parents about that. Or vice-versa (talk to your kids about brit milahs. Please).

Finally, we started a new e-letter this week, devoted solely to Shabbat. Just don’t read it on Shabbat. Or read it. It’s really up to you.

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