A Mitzvah that goes beyond borders

Our good friends at the Jewish Publication Society have recently published a fantastic new book.  Since WWII, Jewish armed servicemen/women have been using the 1941 edition of the JPS translation of the Bible. I haven’t personally read that version, but I can only assume its a bit outdated.  To give you an idea of how outdated it is, the dedication was written by Franklin Roosevelt.

Luckily, JPS has published a brand new edition, specifically geared towards men and women in the army.  The publication is called  JPS Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures for Jewish Personnel in the Armed Forces of the United States.  The organization has printed 10,000 copies and is planning on donating all of them to the US Army.

The Tanakh features the 1985 JPS translation, as well as essays and prayers that would be relevant to someone serving overseas and/or living away from their family.

Yasher Koach to JPS and to everyone who helped fund this amazing project.

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