A Jew for Your Day

The sadly no-longer-updated site Jew of the Day was a great gimmick for teaching about random Jewish people — from Zionism Sundays (check out Israel Zangwill‘s hat) to Culture Thursdays (Stanislaw Lem to Shel Silverstein and Elvis!), it gave us something that was more than trivia. Not exactly a treasure-trove of biographical facts, but tidbits that make us a modicum smarter are why God created the Internet in the first place.

jew of the day

(Note, in the banner above, Anne Frank and Captain Kirk right next to each other. How can the world *not* love Jews?)

Despite the occasional slip-up (Moshe Katsav looks so creepy in this picture, it’s a wonder he wasn’t arrested a decade ago), JotD still has a great database of 350 Jews we should know about (and, inexplicably, one honorary non-Jew, a science teacher in Palatine, Illinois). Go have a gander…and let us know what you come up with.

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