9/11 And the Hasidic Rabbis

In like fifty years, when people are less sensitive about 9/11, I would like to be in a punk band called 9/11 and the Hasidic rabbis. Who’s with me?
The other definite member of 911AHR is going to be Raysh Weiss, who wrote our new article about a Yiddish book, Himmel Signaln, that collects narratives of Hasidic survivors of the 9/11 tragedies and makes them into maysehs, or fantastic tales that impart some moral or educational function. Raysh is also an amazing musician, and Yiddish scholar, and she suffered through the same Orthodox high school as I did, so I see great things for our band in the future. All of our songs can begin, “Raysh and Tamar, baalei Torah and mitzvos from Skokie…

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