10 Days to a Better You: Day 4

With Yom Kippur bearing down on us, and the promise that only “repentance, prayer, and charity can alter the severity of the decree” you might be feeling like it’s a good time to start doing a little better. But being a better person can be a daunting task. Here at MyJewishLearning we put together 10 easy things you can do right away that will help you do better and feel better as you get ready for the Day of Atonement, and we’ll be revealing a new suggestion every day. carbon_offset.jpg

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4. Flying for the High Holidays? That means you’re putting a lot of CO2, the leading cause of global warming, into the environment. You can offset your carbon footprint by supporting businesses and projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Terrapass and Carbonfund will take your donation and use it to make the world more breathable.

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