Judaism is Sexy

I don’t know if this means that as a group, us Jews are doing something right, or are not quite getting across some of the deeper issues involved in our religion. Check it:

A porn star and naked butler, who lost his job teaching sex education when pupils discovered his website, has spoken of his real passion – for “Hebrew, Israel and all things Jewish”.

Benedict Garrett, 30, who goes by the stage name Johnny Anglais, has made films such as European Honeyz 4 and is in demand for hen parties nationwide for his services as a naked butler, clad in just a bow tie and a smile.

Then later:

He told the JC: “I have a long-time fascination and affiliation with the Jewish people, their history and their culture, visited shul, been to Israel, learnt Hebrew – but, alas, I am still a gentile.”

Alas indeed, Benedict. On behalf of Jewish women everywhere, let me say that this is indeed a tragedy. But the true gold is buried even further into the article:

On his Facebook profile, Mr Garrett lists his favourite music as klezmer and his favourite film is Steven Spielberg’s Holocaust epic Schindler’s List.

I don’t care how much you love the Jews, Schindler’s List cannot be your favorite movie. FYI, that’s a movie about Jews dying.

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