Wise Fridays: Shun Authority

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wise fridays: sharpen the     reception on  your WiFri

“Shemiah said: Shun authority.” Just what does this mean? That a man should not on his own place a crown upon his head. But others may do so.

Avot D’Rabbi Natan 11

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Posted on November 12, 2010

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2 thoughts on “Wise Fridays: Shun Authority

  1. Marie

    My father used to say, “Don’t toot your own horn.”
    And everytime we did boast of things we’d done, “Pride comes before the fall.” He’d warn, with a knowing look and slight nod of his head. Now that i’m older, I understand that he learned these things the hard way.
    The message is a simple one, now that I’ve learned it myself.
    “Remember that G*d is above all, and there is no greater crown, than that which only HE can place upon our heads.”
    It helps to keep me humble.

  2. rog-E

    on friday afternoons,
    in the fading sun,
    comes the opium lady
    with her umbrella of leaves,
    that we may rest . . .
    take no thought of crowns and thorns
    when you wake
    from the ladder of slumber
    go and do . . . create as you speak

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