How to Set Your Seder Plate for Passover

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Setting up a seder plate doesn’t have to be hard. And neither does understanding what’s on the seder plate.

Just click the picture below. MyJewishLearning, together with Moishe House, have put together a diagram that shows you exactly how to set up your seder plate — together with fun little facts about what each item on the seder plate means, what it’s doing there, and what we do with it. Download our seder plate flier now!

cartoon seder plate

You can print it in color or black and white. Print one for each of your guests, or be environmentally friendly and share one for the table! And please come back and tell us your own seder stories in the comments — we want to know!

Posted on April 5, 2011

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3 thoughts on “How to Set Your Seder Plate for Passover

  1. lorraineZ

    We add an orange for the women who are stepping up tot he table, so to speak– the women reading from the bimah, torah, rabbiis, et al.

  2. Ilene

    I add some potato peels to my Seder plate as a reminder of the many who survived the Holacaust by eating the peels from German trash cans in the concentration camps.

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