Wise Fridays: Where Does God Exist?

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“Where does God exist?” the rebbe asked several of his followers.
“Everywhere,” the surprised disciples responded.
“No,” the rebbe answered. “God exists only where man lets him in.”

–An exchange between the Kotzker rebbe and his disciples.

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Posted on April 23, 2010

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One thought on “Wise Fridays: Where Does God Exist?

  1. Clif Berman

    G-d is and always was and will be, long before He created man and long after we will be gone. I cannot neither let him in nor keep Him out should He wish to enter. Although I may choose to ignore Him and deny his presence or existence, that does not change the fact of who He is or where He is. G-d’s truth is the only truth; His existence the only existence–I only exist because He has chosen to create me, I did not create Him.

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