Oy, Spitzer

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What’s the Jewish angle on the Eliot Spitzer debacle? Gawker helps us out under the title “Shanda fur die Goyim”:

And he could have been the first Jewish president! Eliot Spitzer, (still) governor of New York State, is weighing his resignation following his tryst with a shiksa prostitute. Though the idea of a Jewish president is great, let’s be real: The guy was way too bald to ever make it into the Oval Office, regardless of his foreskin status. Some have blamed the Portnoy’s Complaint instinct for this mess, but honestly, if this affair shows anything, it’s that Jews are just like any other politicians, only occasionally more so.


Posted on March 11, 2008

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5 thoughts on “Oy, Spitzer

  1. YYerannen

    “A shiksa prostitute”?! — What, we would be happier if the high-priced “escort” with whom the governor was making plans were a Jewish woman?

  2. Tamar6

    SHOCKING that such a fine blog covers a news item by linking to shoddy, tacky, vulgar copy. The concluding sentence on the linked item is a low blow:

    “But only a Jew would’ve thought to put a down payment for future services..”

    Please, offer your readers an apology online for such an error in judgement. We are intelligent, self-respecting, and shun this or any cheap trash.


  3. Editor in Chief Post author

    Well, I found it humorous (it’s obviously tongue-in-cheek), but perhaps because I’m used to Gawker’s snark. But of course, I didn’t mean to offend

  4. Ezekah

    I’m not sure there is a specific Jewish response to this incident that is different from a non-Jewish response. The guy used public funds, cheated on his family, and committed crimes over a long period. He is a guy that apparently had everything and blew it all for a few minutes of false pleasure.

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