King David: Coming to Primetime

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Now you can do some of your Jewish learning in the evenings while you watch the tube. NBC will begin airing a drama called Kings in March, based on the Books of Samuel, and specifically King David. The series brings the stories to modern times, which normally I would find to be sketchy, but I have to say, the preview looks pretty good. I’ll totally give this series a shot (though the website they set up is pretty lame so far). If you want to brush up on your King David history before the show starts, check out our article all about the King.

Posted on January 8, 2009

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3 thoughts on “King David: Coming to Primetime

  1. tarfon

    Um, David’s reign is the subject of II Samuel, not of the books of Kings. He dies in chapter 1 of I Kings.

  2. Tamar Fox Post author

    What would I do without you tarfon? If only I had a father who was as critical as you are. Oh, wait…

    Changes made.

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