Creepy “Jews” Headline

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I know I just picked on the JTA last week for its coverage of the “Most Hated Israelis” study, but I’ve got another bone to pick.

This just in from today’s Breaking News:

Jews Gain in U.S. Congress

Jews increased their numbers by two in the U.S. Senate and at least four in the House of Representatives…

That means at least 30 Jews will serve in the House in the next Congress.

Discussing Jews as a special interest group or weighing support for Israel as an American election issue is complicated enough, but this Jew-tally seems totally fetishistic and inappropriate. Even I’ve played “Count the Jews” before, but as a guilty pleasure — not Breaking News.

If in a month, JTA said “Hey, wow, can you believe there are 30 Jews in congress?” (or whatever the journalistic version of that would be), I’d be fine with it, but on a day when the balance of power in the House, and possibly the Senate, is shifting, a day when Donald Rumsfeld is (finally?) getting the boot, is this really appropriate?

Posted on November 8, 2006

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2 thoughts on “Creepy “Jews” Headline

  1. Joshua Gershman

    It must be a bad week for the Jewish news sources. While the Forward’s “Forward 50″ doesn’t contain any creepy headlines, it has gotten something very wrong. While saying all the nice things they can think of about Scarlett Johansson and what she’s doen for Woody Allen’s career, they mention her rise in popularity right along with her four Golden Globe awards. There’s the rub – she has four nominations and exactly zero wins.

    Better luck next time Forward.


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