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This week’s Jewish Week includes three letters to the editor about Rabbi Michael Broyde’s article that I blogged about yesteday.

The first two point out that Rabbi Broyde is not the first Orthodox rabbi to predict the demise of Conservatve Judaism.

Writes Rabbi Jack Moline:

We have yet another Orthodox scholar pronouncing the Conservative movement dead for the same tired reasons. (“The End Of The Conservative Movement,” Opinion, Feb. 9)

Goodness, if Jewish skeptics need proof of the resurrection of the dead, they need only look to my movement, which has come back to life from being pronounced dead after mixing seating, driving to shul, adopting modern Hebrew in prayer, counting women in minyan, ordaining female rabbis and now enfranchising gay and lesbian Jews…

Posted on February 15, 2007

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One thought on “Readers Respond

  1. The Doctor

    It reminds me of statements that the Reform movement will die out after one generation because “all the kids convert” [I believe this one's been circulating since the 1800's].

    If you tightly define Judaism as ONLY what you personally believe and practice, then you may buy Rabbi Broyde’s points. As a Conservative Jew, who respects the practices and beliefs of all other Jews [although I may have serious disagreements with them] I agree that “we’re here, we’re sincere, get used to it!”

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