Judaism is Sexy

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I don’t know if this means that as a group, us Jews are doing something right, or are not quite getting across some of the deeper issues involved in our religion. Check it:

A porn star and naked butler, who lost his job teaching sex education when pupils discovered his website, has spoken of his real passion – for “Hebrew, Israel and all things Jewish”.

Benedict Garrett, 30, who goes by the stage name Johnny Anglais, has made films such as European Honeyz 4 and is in demand for hen parties nationwide for his services as a naked butler, clad in just a bow tie and a smile.

Then later:

He told the JC: “I have a long-time fascination and affiliation with the Jewish people, their history and their culture, visited shul, been to Israel, learnt Hebrew – but, alas, I am still a gentile.”

Alas indeed, Benedict. On behalf of Jewish women everywhere, let me say that this is indeed a tragedy. But the true gold is buried even further into the article:

On his Facebook profile, Mr Garrett lists his favourite music as klezmer and his favourite film is Steven Spielberg’s Holocaust epic Schindler’s List.

I don’t care how much you love the Jews, Schindler’s List cannot be your favorite movie. FYI, that’s a movie about Jews dying.

Posted on July 23, 2010

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One thought on “Judaism is Sexy

  1. Johnny Anglais

    Thank you for your criticism of one of my favourite films.
    If you had actually cared to watch it, or know about the event which it is depicting, you would be aware that, despite the huge amount of killing inflicted on the Jewish people, ‘Schindler’s List’ actually tells the story of one of the few instances where the Jewish victims were able to survive and live!
    Beyond that, for a gentile from the home counties, it was my first real insight in this horrific chapter of human history and gave me my first understanding of the Jewish spirit of survival, strength of community and in their belief that has stuck with me throughout my growing interest. On top of that, it was beautifully shot with amazing performances from each and every actor involved.
    Altogether many reasons, despite your comment, why I am very proud to still call it one of my favourite films.

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