Is a half a bible better than nothing?

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I’ve never been a big fan of The View. Mostly because I’m sitting on a train every time the show airs. However, I am sad that I missed yesterday’s episode. According to New York Magazine, new host Sheri Shepherd shared her view on the events of world history:

During a discussion about the Greek philosopher Epicurus (341 B.C.–270 B.C.), the following debate popped up among a lot of cross chatter:

Whoopi: Keep in mind probably when he was around there was no Jesus going on.
Sherri: No, they had Christians back then.
[Cross talk]
Sherri: They had Christians, they threw them to the lions.
[Cross talk]
Whoopi: I think this might predate that.
Joy: They believed in polytheism.
Sherri: I don’t think anything predated Christians.
Joy: No, the ancient Greeks were earlier. It went Greeks, Romans, then Christians.
Sherri: Jesus came first before them.
Whoopi: [Gently, bless her] Not on paper. (MORE)

I guess it’s possible that her copy of the bible has pages two through, let’s say, Old Testament ripped out: “In the beginning, there was…Jesus.”

Posted on December 6, 2007

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One thought on “Is a half a bible better than nothing?

  1. cindyloo22222

    Well i am one who has watched the View off and on inbetween busy days and laundry and i did happen to catch this little banter and i shouldn’t be “shocked” but i will admit that i was. I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed but Ms. Shepherd has been more voisterous with her religioius beliefs over the past few days. I guess i’m getting a bit tired of everyone stating that their religious beliefs are better than anyone elses. We hold what we feel to be the truth deep inside our hearts and that feeling will give us the comfort and satisfaction we need or seek during moments like these.

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