Hostile Games

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The Olympics are supposed to be a unifying event, bringing together the world for 17 days of friendly competition.

Yet there are antagonistic aspects of it. One of the most notable examples this year have been the calls to boycott the games due to China’s human rights violations, lack of freedom of religion, and support of Sudan in the Darfur crisis.

I was explaining my enthusiasm about the Olympics to a friend who is quite a bit older. He said that he hadn’t followed the Olympics in years. “It’s not fun without the Soviet Union to root against.”

This made me wonder, is China my generation’s enemy? Can we compare fighting the Cold War, to a battle against social injustices?

Posted on August 12, 2008

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4 thoughts on “Hostile Games

  1. Tamar6

    The past six months I have watched the content on this blog sink to trivial, obnoxious, and silly. You started out well and then the downward shift to gossipy, corny, and lightweight set in. I have removed you from my blogroll and no longer visit this site. Bring back the old ways, tone, editorial eye.

  2. Meredith Kesner Lewis Post author

    I’m sorry that you feel this way. We really hope that all of our blog readers can find some posts that resonate with them. While many of our earlier posts interacted with Judaism on a philosophical, textual, or dogmatic level, you are right that there are a growing number (many written by me) deal with a lighter level of Judaism. A growing number of Jews find this level of Judaism, what some scholars would call cultural Judaism, to be pertinent in their own lives. I would guess that a great majority of people in that population include the Internet as a main conduit to Judaism. We are simply trying to be inclusive our view of transdenominationalism in both our content and our blog posts as we grow as an organization.

  3. Tamar6

    I’m glad you published both my comments. I’m also glad that you understand what I am saying. If you want to write light-level content because this is what your target audience wants, fine. Good to know this is your editorial policy today. Maybe post this light level focus as a tagline to your blog name.

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