Hanukkah Snuggies, Oy!

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There’s not much we as Jews can really unite under. We tend to agree that the Holocaust was bad (and so was the Inquisition) but the following issues have proved controversial in Jewish communities around the world
–the creation of the State of Israel was good
–the Armenian genocide was bad
–Women can sometimes be smart
–sexual abuse is bad

But I’ve got good news! Finally, there’s something we can all come together on (and it’s not Sholom Rubashkin)! It’s the Hanukkah Snuggie commercial:

I think we can all agree:
This is embarrassingly bad
Snuggies are probably incredibly comfy and warm.

Next year at the GA I am so presenting a session based on this theory.

Posted on November 30, 2010

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5 thoughts on “Hanukkah Snuggies, Oy!

  1. W Everett Dunn

    I not only find the snuggie ad unbelievably hilarously offensive, but the lighted inflatable yard dreidel I saw while driving through the neighborhood caused me to nearly have an accident. Since when has gross domestic commercialism become intertwined with Hanukkah?

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