Rachael Bregman

Rachael Bregman is the Rabbi of Temple Beth Tefilloh in Brunswick, GA where she teaches in many pluralistic settings on everything Jewish from mysticism to the Judeo-Christian values which underpin human trafficking to Israel. She is a Rabbis Without Borders Fellow and sits on the board of FaithWorks Ministries. She lives in old town Brunswick with her husband Dan, daughter Lilith and her two dogs, Safi and Zooey.

Articles by Rachael Bregman

Falling in Love in Jerusalem

Like many great love affairs, time and the business of life eroded the fabric that bound us together.

How Much Jesus Is Too Much Jesus?

What is it about Jesus that is sometimes just too much for us Jews?

Jesus’ Tallis

I want people to have meaningful lives because I believe that makes the world a better place.

Why We Need to Change the Yom Hashoah Narrative

Up until relatively recently, Yom Hashoah was a day of atrocity and victimization at the hands of history.

My Neighbor the White Supremacist

As we chatted, he gestured with his hand, and in a flash I saw a swastika.

Shame, Vulnerability and Courage

I went to the local town hall meeting with our State Representative, Buddy Carter. The small theater at the local ...

Calling Me a LibTarded B—– Won’t Help

Recently someone called me a libtarded b—- in the course of a Facebook discussion regarding the president’s executive order reinstating ...

Everyone Has One Sermon

They say that all rabbis have only one sermon.  If you’re lucky you have two, but when you look at the second ...

Going Back Isn’t an Option

It seems that we have entered a new era. Taking in the news, it seems to be an open season ...