Rabbi Louis Jacobs

Rabbi Dr. Louis Jacobs (1920-2006) was a Masorti rabbi, the first leader of Masorti Judaism (also known as Conservative Judaism) in the United Kingdom, and a leading writer and thinker on Judaism.

Articles by Rabbi Louis Jacobs

Hermeneutics (Drash)

A method for learning Torah, developed by the rabbis of the Talmud.

Hunting in Judaism

Eating meat is permitted. But is hunting for sport?

Ordination (Semihah)

How does a rabbi become a rabbi?

Compassion & Tzedakah

Compassion is fellow feeling, the emotion of caring concern; in post-biblical Hebrew rahamanut, interestingly from the word rehem, 'womb', originating in the idea of either motherly love or sibling love (coming from the same womb).

Electricity on Shabbat

Why did the rabbis forbid electricity to be used on Shabbat? That wasn't in the Torah!

The Great Assembly (Anshe Kenesset)

A body of spiritual leaders of Judaism dating from the time of Moses.

Mixed Dancing in Judaism

Jewish men and women didn't always dance together. Some of them still don't.


The Yiddish word that means nerve...and a million other things.

Bat Kol – A Divine Voice

The lowest level of prophecy, but a mighty powerful voice.