Rabbi Louis Jacobs

Rabbi Dr. Louis Jacobs (1920-2006) was a Masorti rabbi, the first leader of Masorti Judaism (also known as Conservative Judaism) in the United Kingdom, and a leading writer and thinker on Judaism.

Articles by Rabbi Louis Jacobs

Rabbi Yose

Early teacher of Jewish law and theology.

The Witch of Endor

Debate about this biblical story raises key theological issues.

Writing a Will

The Rabbis interpret a will as an elaborate gift, making it permissible within Jewish law.

Widows in Jewish Tradition

The Torah tells us to protect widows--but not all Jewish authorities recommend marrying them.

The Tosefta

An 'addition' to the Mishnah--or something else?


Jewish authorities have much to say about using, and abusing, this substance.

Who Were the Tannaim and Amoraim?

The great sages of the Mishnah and Talmud.

Rabbinic Synods

Rabbinic conventions can--following specific guidelines--amend Jewish law.

Syncretism and Judaism

Throughout history Jews have accepted some influences of outside religions and cultures, and rejected others.

Symbolism in the Bible

Jewish literature is rife with allegory and metaphor.