The Seven Blessings (Sheva Brachot)

The blessings at the center of the Jewish wedding.


Erusin, the ancient betrothal ceremony, includes two blessings and the ring ceremony, and is followed by the reading of the marriage contract.


The substance of nissuin, the actual marriage ceremony, are seven blessings that reflect the themes of creation, joy, and bride and groom.


Contemporary couples are reinterpreting an old ceremony that set the financial and logistical arrangements for an upcoming marriage.


A chuppah is the wedding canopy used in Jewish weddings.

Contemporary Concerns

Modern Customs

Modern variants on traditional wedding customs.

Contemporary Issues

From same-sex marriages to egalitarianism and prenuptial agreements, today's couples face unique issues.

How to Make Your Wedding Inclusive

Tips for making everyone at your interfaith (or any) Jewish wedding feel welcome and comfortable.

Interfaith Weddings: Finding a Rabbi or Cantor to Officiate

Finding clergy to officiate or co-officiate (perform the wedding along with a clergy member from another faith) an interfaith wedding can be difficult, but it’s hardly impossible.

What To Expect at a Jewish Wedding

Invited to your first Jewish wedding? Check out our guide for Jewish wedding guests.


Shabbat candlesticks

From handpainted wood to silver and gold, our collection has something for every couple.

Passover Seder Plates

A seder plate is a classic gift for a Jewish wedding.

Hanukkah Menorahs

We have a wide variety of hanukkah menorahs.

Israeli Wedding Chuppah

Browse our unique selection of wedding canopies.


Mezuzot grace the doorposts of Jewish homes, and are thought to provide protection to those inside.



The ketubah is an ancient contract delineating the obligations of the husband to his wife.

The Ketubah Text

The traditional Aramaic text of the ketubah (marriage contract) reflects the history of Jewish marriage.

The Ketubah Text (Part 2)

The second part of the ketubah (marriage contract) details the additional gift promised by the groom, the lien on his property, and the acquisition sealing the contract.

Alternative Texts

Couples can often choose a ketubah text that best reflects their values and goals.