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amir blumenfeld, jewish summer camp

What Is a Sukkah?
A competition called Sukkah City asked people to reimagine the sukkah in new, creative ways–and its winners explain how to build one of these ancient huts.

Etrog smelling

Hanukkah Song: “Light Is in the Air” by Bible Raps
MJL teamed up with Bible Raps to create a music video about lighting candles, spreading the fire, learning Torah and celebrating the festival of Hanukkah.

Etrog smelling

Sukkot: How to Buy a Lulav and Etrog
World-renown etrog shopper Heshy Fried takes MJL along as he goes shopping for a lulav and etrog to celebrate the holiday of Sukkot.

kosher fest 2009 matzah pyramid

Kosher Fest
Kosher food doesn’t necessarily mean healthy food. However, it frequently means weirder food. We go behind the scenes of kosher packaged food in America.

jeremy matzah eating

Passover: World’s Fastest Matzah Eating
Jeremy Moses, MJL’s Editorial Fellow, breaks the world record (yes, really) for speed matzah eating.

amir blumenfeld, jewish summer camp

Israel Day Parade with the Chai Riders
The Chai Riders Motorcycle Club participates in New York City’s annual Israel Day Parade.



amir blumenfeld, jewish summer camp

The Truth about Jewish Camp
Amir Blumenfeld of lets us in on the secrets of Jewish summer camps. Even though he wasn’t there himself.

amir blumenfeld, jewish summer camp

Bar Mitzvah Dance Class
In order to help him feel more comfortable at bar/bat mitzvah parties, Myq Kaplan’s mom signed him up for dance classes.

jon friedman, a man amongst boys

Man amongst Boys
When Jon Friedman, a comedian and blogger, came home for Rosh Hashanah services at 17, he had a memorable experience.

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