The Ritual Bath

A mystery by Faye Kellerman.


Reprinted with permission from American Jewish Fiction: A JPS Guide (Jewish Publication Society).

Faye Kellerman’s first novel, The Ritual Bath, trades on a fascination with extremes of human behavior, from the piety and rigidity of ultra-Orthodox Jews to the brutality of rapists and drugged-out anti-Semitic gangbangers.
Faye Kellerman the Ritual Bath
Set primarily at a cloistered yeshivah in the gritty hills outside of Los Angeles, the novel employs some, but not all, of the conventions of the mystery novel formula: for one thing, it begins with a violent rape rather than a murder and, for another, instead of a solitary sleuth, Kellerman serves up an unexpected pair of crime solvers, Peter Decker, a cynical police detective, and Rina Lazarus, a young and open-minded ultra-Orthodox widow.

Though at first the oddest of confederates, brought together because Rina was on hand at the mikveh when the rape occurred and is the only person willing to explain the peculiarities of yeshivish culture to Detective Decker, these two turn out to have more in common than they, or the reader, could have expected.

Weaving in Peter’s and Rina’s growing intimacy with the search for the rapist, Kellerman keeps the tension high and the violence harsh. Before long the reader is privy not only to the rape but to murder and an anti-Semitic attack. To her credit, Kellerman does not shy away from the representation of obscene speech, racist taunts, or physical violence, making the novel every bit as graphic and disturbing as other thrillers of the period, like Thomas Harris’s The Silence of the Lambs (1988).

At the same time, as Rina both practices and explains to Peter the ins and outs of Orthodox ritual, including the laws of kashrut, feminine modesty, and “Taharat Hamishpacha” or family purity, peculiar situations arise. Long before Rina has ever allowed Peter to touch her hand or see her with her hair uncovered, for example, the pair has discussed, apropos of the rape investigation, subjects including anal penetration and the analysis of seminal fluid.

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