Parashat Vayigash Quiz



Provided by the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, exploring Torah through the original sources.

1. When Joseph finally revealed himself to his brothers, he said: “I am Joseph; doth my father yet live?” What was his brothers’ response?

2. Joseph tells his brothers not to grieve or be angry with themselves for having sold him into slavery. What is his reasoning?

3. What was Pharaoh’s reaction when he heard that Joseph’s family would be coming to camp out in Egypt?

4. What did Joseph give the brothers for the trip back to Caanan? What different gift did he give to Benjamin?

5. What can we learn from the gifts to Joseph’s brothers?

6. One has the impression from last week’s parashah and also this week’s that Benjamin is still a very young man. Judah calls him a lad. Is that so? If you think not, what is your proof?

7. Along the way to Egypt, Jacob had a dream. In the dream, what did God tell him? How was that similar to or different from the experiences of his father and grandfather?

8. How many of Jacob’s family went on the trip down to Egypt, including Jacob?

9. On the journey to Egypt, Jacob stopped to make sacrifices to God. Where did he do that?

10. What did Joseph tell his brothers to say about how they made a living and why?

11. Pharaoh asked Jacob his age. What did Jacob reply? What did he mean by “few and evil”?

12. After the Egyptians had spent all the money they had, they came to Joseph and asked for bread. Joseph sold them bread for the rest of that year in exchange for what?

13. After the Egyptians had sold all their herds, what did Joseph take next and what did he give them in exchange?


1. Joseph’s brothers could not answer him because of their fright (45:3).

2. ¬†Joseph’s reasoning was that God had a plan and sent him to Egypt to preserve life due to the upcoming famine (45:5-8).

3. ¬†Pharaoh was very pleased that Joseph’s family was coming to camp out in Egypt and he offered them the fat of the land (45:16-18).

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