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Whether you grew up observing Shabbat every Friday night, or had your first taste of matzo ball soup when you married into a Jewish family, the ways you can incorporate Judaism and Jewish culture into your parenting style are diverse.

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Naming Children
A review of Jewish practices from the Bible to the present 

Importance of a Hebrew Name
Heavenly significance of a name 

Meaning of Pidyon HaBen
Redemption of the first born

When Not Everyone’s Jewish
Planning a multi-faith or multi-cultural baby ceremony

The Brit Milah Ceremony
The basics of the ceremony for 8-day-old boys

The Elements of a Brit Bat
A ceremony for girls emerges

Stillbirth & Neonatal Loss
Jewish responses to the death of a newborn


Bar/Bat Mitzvah

The Parents’ Blessing
A bar mitzvah blessing from the Talmud

Parent-Child Dynamics
Advice for the family

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planning Guide
A timeline for parents

When Parents Are Divorced
Rising above differences to plan a Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Interfaith Families
Special planning issues for interfaith parents

Special Needs Children
Adjusting the ceremony to their learning style and capabilities

The Parents’ Role
Parents are more involved today than in the past

Adoption & Conversion
Reaffirming connections at the Bar/Bat Mitzvah                 


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