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Short Jokes

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Video                                                                            Short Jokes

Mel Brooks You Don’t Look Jewish
Jerry Seinfeld Rain in Chelm
Woody Allen The Riddle
Sarah Silverman Our Luck
Jackie Mason Hoodlums
Marx Brothers The Terryifying Rumor
Adam Sandler The Census
Sacha Baron Cohen The Converts
Jon Stewart Manure
Jewish Movie Scenes Lightbulbs
Jewish Internet Sensations Teaching English
  Richest Man in Town

Longer Jokes

Jewish and Goyish 

Showing Up Late
Haikus for Jews Public Toilets
Jewish Word Play Charity
Lenny Bruce Was Jewish… Divorce
Schlemiels and Schlemazels 34 Years
Marriage Brokers Cheating
Schnorrers Comfortable
Sages of Chelm 
Million Dollar Question for God
The Top Hat



Bang It Out
Frum Satire
Joel Chasnoff–Jewish Stand Up Comic
 Old Jews Telling Jokes
Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour
Bob Alper- Stand Up Rabbi


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