Jewish Religious Art

Biblical Art

A history of visual depictions of the Hebrew Bible.

Midrashic Art

Midrash is a form of art that turns the Torah text inside out.

Jewish Folk Art

Visual arts are a beautiful way to express religious devotion.

Jewish Papercuts

Folk art even the poorest folk could create.

Hiddur Mitzvah

Beautiful ritual objects enhance holiday celebration.

Major Figures

Chaim Soutine

A Belarusian yeshiva boy becomes an icon of Parisian art.

Siona Benjamin

An artist who paints from the East.

Tobi Kahn

Seeing & ceremony.

Camille Pissarro

Rebbe of the Impressionists.

Jules Olitski

Spraying it, not saying it.


Jewish Art History

Contrary to popular perception, Jewish art dates back to biblical times.

Arthur Szyk

His brush was his sword.

Jewish Art in the Medieval & Modern Era

Jewish artists have tended to take on elements of the societies in which they lived.

Jewish Modern Art

From abstract expressionism to feminism.

Jewish Art 101

Jewish visual arts have flourished, bearing the imprint of Jewish wanderings around the globe

Israeli Art

Contemporary Art

Confronting local politics--on an international stage.

Visual Arts

Visual arts in Israel help define the country's identity.


Integrating European and Middle Eastern elements.

Yaacov Agam

A pioneer of optic and kinetic art.

Anna Ticho

This artist became famous for her drawings of the Jerusalem hills.