Film & Theater

All About Jewish Theatre
A site aimed at promoting and enhancing Jewish theater and performing arts worldwide.

Folksbiene Yiddish Theatre
A non-profit organization which preserves, promotes, and develops Yiddish Theater for current and future generations to enhance the understanding and appreciation of Yiddish culture as a necessary component of Jewish life
Listings of Jewish films and links to Jewish film festivals

Jewish Film World
A magazine produced for exclusively for Jewish film festivals around the United States containing information about the films being shown

Jewish Heritage Video Collection
A site that explores Jewish heritage through the unique resources of film and television

The Jewish Theater of New York
A theater company that stages English-language Jewish plays

The National Center for Jewish Film
An organization whose mission is to gather, preserve, catalogue, and exhibit films with artistic and educational value relevant to the Jewish experience, and disseminating these materials to the widest possible audience

Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive
An archive of Jewish films with 3,000 titles, constituting the largest collection of Jewish documentary film footage in the world

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Yiddish Theater in New York

A cultural phenomenon of Jewish America in the early 20th century.

Jewish Film 101

Jews played--and continue to play--a pivotal role in the Hollywood movie studios, while Jews and Judaism have appeared in films in different ways and degrees throughout the history of film.

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An unconventional treat for Shavuot or whenever strawberries and rhubarb are in season.