Common Prayer Words

Fifty of the most frequent Hebrew words that appear in the siddur.


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Understanding traditional Jewish prayers may seem impossible if you don’t speak Hebrew. But knowing some key words can help you follow along and get the basic meaning of much of the liturgy.

The following 50 words are some of the most common words found in Jewish prayers. We’ve included the Hebrew, English, and a transliteration of each word.

Try learning a few each week or spotting them in a siddur. In no time, you’ll find the prayers to be more familiar and hopefully more meaningful.

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 Our Fathers
Man אָדָם
Ahava Love אַהֲבָה 
Or Light אוֹר
Ehad One אֶחָד
 Ein There is Not אֵין
Imru Let Us Say אִמְרוּ
Emet Truth אֱמֶת
Eretz Land/Country אֶרֶץ
 Asher  That/Which/Who אֲשֶׁר
 Atah You אַתָה
 Beit House בֵּית