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Afterlife & Messiah
Free Will
Kabbalah & Mysticism
Suffering & Evil
Thinkers & Thought
Who is a Jew
Gender & Feminism
Jews & Non-Jews
Magic & the Supernatural
Nature & the Environment
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Afterlife & Messiah

The Death of Death: Resurrection and Immortality in Jewish Thought, by Neil Gillman (Jewish Lights, 1997).
Does the Soul Survive?, by Elie Kaplan Spitz (Jewish Lights, 2000).
Essential Papers on Messianic Movements and Personalities in Jewish History, edited by Marc Saperstein (New York University Press, 1992).

Free Will

Freedom and Moral Responsibility: General and Jewish Perspectives, edited by Charles H. Manekin and Menachem M. Kellner (University Press of Maryland, 1997).


The Way Into Encountering God in Judaism, by Neil Gillman (Jewish Lights, 2000).
Finding God: Ten Jewish Responses, by Rifat Sonsino and Daniel B. Syme (Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1986).
Jewish Ideas and Concepts, by Steven T. Katz (Schocken, 1979).
God: A Biography, by Jack Miles (Vintage Books, 1996).

Kabbalah & Mysticism

The Way Into the Jewish Mystical Tradition, by Lawrence Kushner (Jewish Lights, 2001).
Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism, by Gershom Scholem (Schocken, 1995).
Kabbalah, by Gershom Scholem (New American Library Trade, 1987).
Kabbalah: New Perspectives, by Moshe Idel (Yale University Press, 1990).

Suffering & Evil

Evil and Suffering in Jewish Philosophy, by Oliver Leaman (Cambridge University Press, 1997).
Responses to Suffering in Classical Rabbinic Literature, by David Kraemer (Oxford University Press, 1995).
Why Me God?: A Jewish Guide for Coping & Suffering, by Lisa Aiken (Jason Aronson, 1998).

Thinkers & Thought

Contemporary Jewish Religious Thought, edited by Alfred A. Cohen and Paul Mendes-Flohr (Free Press, 1988).
Contemporary Jewish Theology, edited by Elliot Dorff and Louis Newman (Oxford University Press, 1998).
Fifty Key Jewish Thinkers, by Dan Cohn-Sherbok (Routledge, 1997).

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