Types of Jewish Speech

Buying Truth, Speaking Truth, Acknowledging Truth

Selections from traditional sources

Harmful & Helpful Gossip

A feminist exploration of traditional teachings on gossip

Who Was the Chofetz Chaim?

This influential 20th-century Jewish figure established his reputation first and foremost as an opponent of lashon hara, evil speech.

Confrontational Speech: The Requirement to Rebuke

The Bible would have us offer reproof to others when we ourselves have been wronged; the ancient rabbis encouraged wider use of this sort of speech.

Types of Speech

Types of Jewish Speech. Themes and Theology of Jewish Speech. Jewish Speaking.

Truth and Lies in the Jewish Tradition

Jewish moralist literature sets a high standard of truthtelling, but one not without exceptions.

Comparing Vows and Oaths in Judaism

The act of speaking an oath or a vow aloud gives it binding force in traditional Jewish law.