tu bishvat

The Power of Jewish Blessings

More than mere expressions of gratitude, blessings are portals to other spiritual realms.

Lemon Lavender Cake Recipe

Cake for a winter's morning.

The Seven Species

The seven species of the land of Israel have special medical and spiritual properties.

Trees in Jewish Thought

Jewish sources single out trees as one of the most important aspects of the natural world.

I and Thou: A Tree

What trees can teach about relationships

The Environmentally Conscious Jewish Home

For Jewish families, caring for the environment could be part of a wider consciousness of living in a world that is a divine gift.

From Generation to Generation

Explaining to grandchildren Jewish environmental action

The Promise of Tu Bishvat

Finding new meaning in tree planting

Kabbalistic Tu Bishvat Seder: Part 2

Evil in the world is symbolized by fruit at the seder.

Kabbalistic Tu Bishvat Seder

For Jewish mystics, nature is a sacred text.