Jewish Film 101

Jews played--and continue to play--a pivotal role in the Hollywood movie studios, while Jews and Judaism have appeared in films in different ways and degrees throughout the history of film.

Torah Study 101

More than simply a means to learning the content of divinely revealed law, Torah study is an end in itself--according to some, another way of worshipping God.

Relationships 101

God's expectations of Jews, as portrayed in the Bible and rabbinic law, extend beyond the divine-human relationship to encompass many sorts of relationships between individual human beings as well.

Prayer 101

The texts and practices of prayer, while broadly common to all Jewish communities, vary according to local customs, ethnic origins, and ideologies.

Our Bodies 101

In Judaism, spirituality and physicality are closely connected. Jewish traditions promote eating healthy food, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and healing the ill, while regulating body modifications such as tattoos, piercings, and cosmetic surgeries. Many Je

Talk & Gossip 101

Speech is a defining characteristic of human beings, part of our self-definition as individuals and members of groups. Judaism sees speech as both a fundamental theological and ethical category.