The Kabbalistic Secret of Kissing

What the Zohar teaches about love-making and the coming of the messiah.

How to Have Mindful Sex

The secret is not to scratch the itch of desire as soon as it arises.

Who Is Dr. Ruth?

How a Jewish grandmother forever changed America's ideas of sexual education and literacy.

Shomer Negiah, the Prohibition on Touching

The term refers to someone who refrains from physical contact with members of the opposite sex.

Judaism on Prostitution

Most traditional Jewish sources condemn trafficking and prostitution, but some of the messages are mixed.

Jewish Gender and Feminism 101

Debates about the role of women in Jewish life.

Traditional Sources on Sexual Pleasure

Some classical Jewish statements about sex might surprise you.

Judaism and Sexuality

Jewish tradition looks favorably on sex and sexuality, given certain conditions.

The Purpose and Meaning of Sex in Judaism

Judaism approves of sex and sexual pleasure, valuing it as a means toward procreation and companionship.