red heifer

Holy Cows

Like our ancestors before us, we are called to let go of our sacred cows.

3 Special Shabbats to Get You in the Mood for Passover

Shabbat Parah, Shabbat HaHodesh and Shabbat HaGadol.

Haftarah for Parashat Parah

God will redeem the Israelites for His own sake.

The Red Heifer

A purification ritual using the ashes of a cow.

Preparing for an Unknown Future

The Torah law about the red heifer was given because it anticipated the temporal nature and limitation of what Miriam had to offer.

The Waters of Lustration: Tears and Tzedakah

Jewish sources suggest tears and tzedakah [charity] as two modern replacements for the Red Heifer.

Highest Standards

Because of his position of leadership, Moses is judged extremely harshly when he sins.