Havinenu: A Shortened Version of the Amidah

When and why Jews say an abbreviated Amidah. Full text and translation of Havinenu included.

What Does ‘Amen’ Mean?

As in other faith traditions, saying amen indicates the speaker affirms the truth of what was said.

Thoughts on Prayers

In the face of tragedy, is there a place for thoughts and prayers?

Job in the Synagogue

How the Book of Job made its way into Jewish prayer and ritual.

A Jewish Prayer for Juneteenth

Juneteenth is an American holiday celebrating the end of slavery. This prayer reflects on the core story of the Jewish ...

Who Taught You to Pray?

Prayer is a natural part of human existence, requiring neither a belief system nor even instruction about how to do it.

Why Music is Fundamental to Jewish Prayer

Jewish tradition teaches that music unlocks the door to divine connection.

Psalm 23: Who Walks in the Valley of the Shadow of Death?

These words are commonly understood as reassurance that God accompanies us in our darkest moments, but some ancient rabbis understood them differently.

Viha’arev Nah: Multiple Doorways Into Torah

This short prayer hints at the various ways we encounter Judaism's foundational text.

Why Do Jews Pray in the Plural?

Jewish liturgy is almost always written in the plural form. Here's why.