Actions Have Consequences

Every action we take produces a reaction.

Constantly Feeding Our Internal Spark

Our books, texts, and traditions bring new meaning to us at different stages of our life.

Humilty vs. Insecurity

There's a perpetual tension between fostering a strong sense of self in our children and ensuring that they don't become self-centered and egotistical.


Like the Israelites, we too have much to be thankful for in our lives

Giving is Justice in Action

A community is only as strong as the willingness of its members to help each other.

Cherishing What Is Broken

In this parashah, when the tablets were broken, we picked them up and valued the pieces.

To Everything There Is a Season

Just as our words can bring joy they can also bring pain

Lying, Stay Far Away

Avoid actions you may need to lie about.

Listening, or Really Hearing

It can often be difficult to truly hear what others are saying to us.


Moses was a confident leader but a humble man.