There is always a price when we give in to temptation.

The Courage to Think Differently

It can be difficult when we find ourselves with a different point of view from that of the larger group.

Keeping Things in Perspective

Mishaps can happen, but we are responsible for our reactions.

Igniting Curiosity’s Flame

It's important to encourage a child's natural ability and his or her own way of discovering the world.

Appreciating What You Have

An important part of being content is to stop comparing ourselves to others.

Parents as Models

For better or worse, children learn how to be in the world from their parents.

Mistakes Make Great Lessons

Our mistakes teach us what not to do in the future and shine a light on character traits we can improve.

Learning from Adversity

Before the Israelites were ready to fulfill their dreams, they needed to face themselves in the wilderness and grow up as a people.

Order Versus Disorder

When we build order into our lives, we begin to manage the seemingly overwhelming tasks.


It is each person's choice to follow the rules, however, there are consequences when rules are broken.