Orthodox Judaism

Hair Coverings for Married Women

Why some Orthodox women cover their hair, whether with wigs, hats or scarves.

Joseph Herman Hertz

Author, Zionist and chief rabbi of the British Empire for more than three decades.

Moshe Feinstein

This 20th-century rabbi was the leading Jewish law authority of his generation.

What Is A Ba’al Teshuvah?

Once a name for sinners who repented, ba'al teshuvah now describes a Jew who returns to Orthodoxy — or becomes Orthodox for the first time.


Home of a famous Lithuanian-style yeshiva.

Moses Sofer

Austro-Hungarian rabbi who fought against the influence of Reform.

Mechitzah: Separate Seating in the Synagogue

A curtain or other divider separates men and women while they pray in some synagogues.

Samson Raphael Hirsch: The Father of Neo-Orthodoxy

The 19th-century rabbi who shaped a modern Orthodox community in bridging traditional practice and Enlightenment thinking.

Orthodox Judaism

An introduction to the roots and wings of Judaism's most traditional branch.