Modern Jewish Religion

Ray Frank

"Latter-day Deborah" challenged the traditional role of Jewish women.

Moses Sofer

Austro-Hungarian rabbi who fought against the influence of Reform.


Immigrants from the same towns came together for fun and charity.

Yiddish Press

A once thriving American industry.

Havurah Judaism

The havurah movement and The Jewish Catalog blended Judaism with the 1960s counterculture.

Jewish Spiritual Crisis

In America around the turn of the 20th century, Jews had the freedom to not observe religion and rabbis were scarce.

Humanistic Judaism

The origins of a small Jewish movement that embraces a cultural identity while rejecting a belief in God.

The Pittsburgh Platform, 1885

Principles of Reform Judaism: A primary historical document.

Samson Raphael Hirsch: The Father of Neo-Orthodoxy

The 19th-century rabbi who shaped a modern Orthodox community in bridging traditional practice and Enlightenment thinking.

A Short History of Orthodox Judaism in America

A history from colonial times to World War II.