Modern Jewish History

Jewish Emancipation In The East

What differed from the West?

Jewish Emancipation in Western Europe

Liberty, equality, fraternity: Was it good for the Jews?

Jewish Emancipation and Enlightenment

How Enlightenment ideals in Europe created the potential for Jewish citizenship.

Jewish Socialism in Russia

The organization and development of the Bund, the General Union of Jewish Workers.

The ILGWU Strike of 1909

The 1909 ILGWU strike established a precedent for serious collective action in other branches of the garment economy.

Jewish Workers and Trade Unions

Needling capitalism in America.

Jewish Socialism in Europe

Jewish influence and vice versa.

Zionism 101

The Jews as a nation in the land of Israel

Jewish History, 1700 to 1914

Emancipation, industrialization, socialism and Zionism.