Between Chaos and Order

The biblical narrative of Korach's rebellion offers a deep lesson about how to emerge from challenging times.

A Failed Rebellion

This biblical power structure — and struggle — in Korach may offend our democratic sensibilities.

Renewing a Relationship

Reaching out is a risk that comes with a big potential reward.

Jealousy Makes Us Foolish

There is almost always a deeper, inner insecurity that is causing the jealousy.

When Your Child Rebels

Korach: A resource for parents.

The Power Struggle

Moses vs. Korach.

Between the Living and the Dead

How Parashat Korach demonstrates extraordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Haftarah for Korach

Having a king won't necessarily make life easier for the 12 tribes of Israel.

Parashat Korach Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.