Kitvei Kodesh

The Making of a Torah Scroll

Written by hand, a sefer Torah is produced according to strict specifications.

Spirituality of Texts

Overcoming the "leprosy of fluency" so we can discover ever-greater insights in our textual study

The Rewards for Torah Study

Studying Torah--broadly construed to include almost all traditional Jewish learning--is valued by Jewish tradition as one of the most important activities for both children and adults.

Jewish Text Study Is Traditionally A Communal Activity

Reading Jewish texts is not just a religious act, it is an act of communal identification and communication.

Halakhah and Aggadah

Balancing between the importance of Jewish behavior and the meaning that Jews find in those behaviors creates a productive tension that defines Jewish life.

Torah Study: Two Approaches

Approach to Reading Jewish Texts. Reading and Studying Sacred Jewish Texts. Kitvei Kodesh. About Jewish Texts. Jewish Texts. People of the Book.

Sacred Texts (Kitvei Kodesh)

Jewish texts as sacred texts.