Glassware and Kashrut

Whether glassware can be rendered fit for kosher use depends on who you ask.

How to Get Started Keeping a Kosher Home

There is no single standard for keeping kosher, and therefore no single standard for keeping a kosher home. But here's how to get started.

Tevilat Kelim: Immersing Food Utensils

Some Jews perform symbolic sanctification of newly acquired items.

Kashering Pots & Pans

Readying cooking vessels for a kosher kitchen

Kashering Utensils

Boiling water--with the occasional submersion in dirt

Kashering Dishes

Get your water boiling.

Kashering Stoves And Ovens

Very high heat for these cooking appliances

Kashering Cabinets, Drawers, and Countertops

Different opinions from different movements and rabbis

Kashering Sinks

How do you make your sink kosher?

Kashering (Making Kosher)

How to make your kitchen kosher.